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Posted by /Jack
Very pretty models and feet. Claudia is my favourite, hope to see more material of her in the future :)
Posted by /Marcus
New Love...
Joanna is comming stong as a new favourite, so lovely soles...
Posted by /Guilherme
your mouth is very beautiful when you smile !
Posted by /JT
The Feet Models
Hi! I find it the entire collections of models showing feet here are very very beautiful. Quite sexy to some of us who love feet!
Posted by /Issam
i'm not a member of this site but the little i've seen as a preview is fabulous. unfortunatly i can't join your site.i'm realy sad for not be able to join because the girls and their feet are mouthwatering!! espacialy my favorit:Helene W,she's gorgious!!i 'm in love with her feet!. I wish i could lick her feet with her beautiful eyes staring down at's a sweet dream that'll never be reality! :(.
Posted by /Zaydoooon
This is a wonderful site
Posted by /Gordo
Swedish Women Are The Prettiest In The World
This is the site I didn't think could exist. No sleazy porn, just very attractive young Scandinavian women. Well done. By the way, Frida is my idea of the PERFECT Swedish girl. Is she single? :) Might I suggest that you consider producing a photo book?
Posted by /Damon

This site is really one of the best put together sites I have ever seen. Everything is well orginised, it gives a ver official feel,its all just great. And the feet arent bad either. =)
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