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Posted by /Marcus
Need More...
I just can't get enough of Pernilla P & Daniella.
Posted by /Jeremy

I just joined your site and it's everything I expected. The picture quality is amazing. The models are very beautiful, especially my favorites Kamilla, Daniella and Hilde.

I look forward to being a member for a long time to come!
Posted by /Martin

I just have to say that i love the new possibility to create personal albums and to save images as favorites.

My favorite models are Claudia, Yamit and Natalie.. please publish more with them and i will stay as a member the whole year.
Posted by /Mario

Ohh my, Natalie rocks my world. I recived your newsletter and i think it's great that you got everything up and running.

I know about the hard disk crash and the loss of photos and i suffer with you. Even though many would have given up you pulled trough. What can i say more than, keep up the good work :)

Posted by /Michael
I like the new design and i like the way you access the galleries trough the covers. I often use a laptop and the possability to download the 800 pixel images are great. That you can zip the images are great too, since i can download them and then view them at larger screens later. Your site is superior when it comes to user friendliness.
Posted by /Roger Schwartz
I've seen many fetish sites in my days and I can say without a doubt that yours is one of the best. The photos are simply masterpieces. The best you can find on the Internet today in this genre!
Posted by /Marcus

Claudia is without a doubt the most gorgeous girl I have ever seen.
Posted by /Peter

I joined your Site and after viewing the latest pictures pictures i come to the conclusion that these are the best pictures I have seen on the Internet!
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